Make a Fun Room for Your Cat 11.02.2016

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Every day we meet people who, literally, adore animals! They treat them like their own family, and we agree, that is one of the most compassionate ways to express love for an animal. And if we “take a walk” through internet’s zoo, we can see that crazy cat lovers are kind of, the winners in the game “Loving the animals,” aren’t they? If you opened this post, it means that there is a chance that you’re one of them and that’s just great, because we have some fun ideas to share with you!

Cats are known as playful creatures; they are hunters by nature and they love to run, to explore, observe and attack. Outdoor cats have many possibilities to satisfy their needs, but indoor cats are the ones that need a lot of attention and fun time. Even if you live in a small apartment, don’t worry – there are always some adaptable alternatives.

Scratching Pad

Your cat needs a place where she can scratch her nails; this is normal and you don’t have to care for trimming, instead, let the cat enjoy her natural instinct and place a scratching pad in any corner of the room. You will protect your furniture and your cat will be happy!

Space to Jump and Run

As we mentioned above, cats are hunters, and they love running and jumping. Indoor cats have limited places for their actions, so try to find some free space in your home and use it as your cat’s paradise. They love to observe from high places, so you can make cat shelves (or stairs) that will be attached to the wall; this way you’ll save space, and your cat can exercise and have fun. You can also cover them with cloth, so they can hide and feel safe.


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Cats, especially the young ones, love toys just like small children! From DIY toys to toys on the shopping list you’ve prepared for the local pet shop, your feline would be eternally thankful if you buy her at least one in a month. Cats love small teddy bears, fluffy wands, battery powered mice, soft balls and lasers, play, climb and sleep towers, etc.

Play with your cat

Cats are known as independent animals; buy they love their human and they enjoy in the time spent with you! Reward your cat with, at least, one to two hours per day and play games with her. You can use the toys; throw them in the air, hide them or throw them to your cat. Play hide and seek, run and jump. And yes; believe it or not, cats love it when you exercise! They will make everything, just to be part of your fitness hours. Don’t make them go away, rather, you let them be the instructor.

Have fun and love cats!


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