Family Dinner Menu For Working Moms 02.09.2015

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Working moms have a lot of things on their plate, struggling to cook dinner shouldn’t be one of them. Think it’s impossible to cook real food after a long day at work? Think again! We’ve got great tips that will take the mystery out of family dinner menu planning and make groceries list simple.

3 Tips For Family Dinner Menu Ideas

  • You only have to make a full dinner 2-3 nights out of the week! A full dinner includes a protein, vegetable, and soup /past / rice.
  • One dish dinner night. Only make one thing for dinner! The simplest options are the best. Try homemade pizza, a casserole or subs for dinner. Everyone can make their own pizzas or subs, just add a salad to keep it healthy. If you make a casserole, make enough for two meals, the rest can be used for leftovers.
  • Yummy leftovers or a family night out will round off your week nicely.

These family menu ideas will keep you from feeling overwhelmed after a long day.

Weekly Family Dinner Menu Shopping

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Keep your family dinner menu ideas simple! This will remove the aggravation of dealing with unfamiliar ingredients. Keep your menus and grocery lists simple! This is cooking, not rocket science, so make it easy for yourself and try these ideas:

  • Proteins: poultry, fish, beef.
  • Vegetables: lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, beans, string beans, onions, potatoes, corn.
  • Fruits: stick to seasonal items.
  • Herbs: dry spices and fresh ones for seasoning.
  • Staples: eggs, bacon, bread, flour, pasta, rice, cheese, milk, yogurt.
  • Premade: pizza crust, pizza sauce, etc.

Helpful Cooking Tips For A Mom On The Go

  • Go big! When cooking full meals or casseroles, cook more than you need. These will be your leftovers throughout the week if your schedule gets hectic.
  • Avoid the microwave. Reheating your food on the stove or in the oven will keep your food tasting fresh, hot and moist.
  • Use beef/chicken broth when cooking stir fry, curries, etc. It is more flavorful than water.

These tips will make your family dinner menu a piece of cake. Remember to break it down, keep it simple and only make a full course dinner 2-3 times a week. If you make a mistake, don’t worry about. So what if you burn a pot of rice? Throw it out, make a joke and start over. Life isn’t perfect, so don’t be hard on yourself. By relaxing and taking the stress out of cooking, dinner will become bonding time for you and your family.


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