Cheap DIY Cat Toys 31.05.2016

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Welcome, crazy cat lover! In today’s pawspapers you’ll read how to make cheap, fun and useful toys for your cat(s). We all know that the following statement is a fact and an unwritten rule: cats love to play with everything except with the expensive toys that you buy for them… in abundance. Here is a trick on how to create diverse and fun toys for your cat without choking after you see what is the most expensive thing on your shopping list. Use old materials and objects to make the playthings. Make sure the materials don’t contain aluminum foil, nylon and sundries because your cat can swallow a piece and choke, or she damage her internal organs. If your cat has a habit of biting objects, never leave the toy which you think might be dangerous to her health. Let us now give you a few ideas.

Treats and Paper Balls Bottle

This is an easy-to-make toy and your cat will love it! Take an empty, plastic bottle and make few holes in it. Put treats or paper balls in the bottle and let your cat do the rest! She will enjoy playing with this (especially if it’s an indoor cat), because it’ll give her an opportunity to hunt and play at the same time.

Plastic Straws Chain

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For this toy, you will need just one package of drinking straws. Yep, that’s all! Make triangles from a straw by tying both ends. Repeat this with the new straw (tie it to the first) and continue this process until you make the plastic chain. This toy is interesting because: it will make sounds tempting for the cat; this will be your cat’s fake prey and you can also play together (the chain is long enough, so you can move it to different sides while watching TV or reading a book and your cat will “hunt” her new toy).

Pens and sticks

Just a reminder: Cats love cheap and simple toys. Did you need a lot of time to discover where have your pens disappeared? It’s the cat, again. Cats love to play with everything that belongs to you. Make them happy! Use old pens (or new, if you enjoy spoiling your cat ) and take out the ink cartridges to protect your cat. Give her the pens or throw them in air – she’ll go mad and will enjoy the Cationship in catching flying pens.

We promised and we accomplished – cheap shopping list and funny toys!


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