How to Childproof Your Kitchen 27.05.2016

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A kitchen is certainly the heart of a house which supplies all its residents with all their edible necessities and families tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Even though a kitchen is one of the most crucial places in a house, it’s also one of the most dangerous place since all the items and equipment you use there is hazardous if not handled properly which makes this place a peril for kids since they have no idea how to use any of that stop. The fact that a kitchen contains a lot of things that are dangerous for a child also make it harder to childproof. Although an adult should always be present to watch over any children that enter the kitchen, there are a few techniques and items that you can include in your shopping list that your kitchen is safe for children this reducing accident chances.

Being Precautious

As the industries say, there is no safety equipment as a careful worker. This also applies in the case of kitchens, how you organize and keep your stuff in the kitchen decides how perilous it can be for a kid. Leaving your appliances plugged in can be really hazardous for children are attracted to these kind of things. Ensure that any item that can cause a serious injury is out of your child’s reach, breakable and sharp objects especially. Also make sure you return these things to their place once you are done using them. Another thing you should be mindful about is not to leave things at the edge of your counter top of cabinets for the children might pull them and everything will come falling down.

Modifying Your Kitchen

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Try to place your stove at a place where you kid can’t reach it and when you are cooking, use the rear plates of your stove so that the front plates are cold and even if a kid somehow reaches the, stays unharmed. Another tip is to remove the knobs of your stove when you aren’t cooking, most stoves come with easily removable knobs. Doing this ensures that your kid can’t turn the stove on in your absence. If you can’t remove your stove knobs, you can also procure stove knob caps. All the cleaning products like detergents and pesticides should be stored in higher cabinets or you should buy cabinet locks that thwart the child from gaining access to sharp objects like knife or dangerous chemicals. Don’t ever leave your dishwasher accessible to your children and make sure that your trashcan is always covered. Children put into their mouth whatever comes into their hands. Dispose of any broken plate or glass that might hurt your child and take it outside your house immediately.


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