7 Best Protein Sources for Vegetarian Meal Plans 21.07.2015

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Being vegetarian is a great idea nowadays because you manage to avoid all the toxins that you can find in the pre-processed or meat-filled food, and because of that you will be a lot healthier. At the same time, vegetarian meal plans will also help you stay healthy and nurture your body by providing it with more energy. The only issue is that sometimes vegetarian meals might not give as much protein as you would like, and thus it’s a very good idea to check out the following list, as here we included the best protein sources in the vegan world!


Many consider quinoa as being god’s gift for vegetarians as it brings no less than 9 grams of protein per cut, and it manages to be delicious and versatile as well. This is why we consider quinoa as being one of the best protein source for the vegetarian meal plans!


Tofu is a great protein source and maybe the best part about it is that it’s very easy to acquire and cheap as well, so you don’t need to have a high food budget. As a vegan, tofu is a great choice for your meal plans, so keep that in mind.


Lentils are suitable for a wide range of veggie dishes, and because of that we consider them as being a great protein source suitable for people of all ages. A single cup gives you no less than 18 grams of protein, so they are indeed really good for any vegan.


Beans are a great, magical fruit as they help you promote heart health, while also bringing in a lot of energy. You get around 15 grams of protein out of them!


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Tempeh is a great source of protein for vegans since this brings in close to 30 grams of protein. It’s a great protein source for vegans and because of that we recommend you to check it out! It might be a little more expensive than other protein sources in your grocery list, but still well worth the investment.


There’s a reason why Popeye the sailor uses it, as it does bring in a lot of protein and it also provides a lot of boost to your immune system as well. It’s one of the best types of protein on the market, and at the same time is inexpensive as well.


Chia offers a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids and at the same time it also brings in a lot of protein. This makes it a valuable food source for all vegans.

As you can see, there are many types of food that you can integrate into your vegetarian meal plans, specifically if you want to gain more protein. Just try out the protein sources described in this article and you will enjoy the results guaranteed!


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