4 Tips for Beating Winter Blues 01.02.2016

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The cold season is easily the most difficult time of year. All too often it appears that we take such care into those around us, that we fail to care for ourselves, most notably in regards to our health. We will provide you with some simple tips that will assist in keeping you fit (physically & mentally) as winter lingers on.

Move your body!

To start, it is vitally important to remember to keep moving. As the temperatures decline, we tend to allow our motivation levels to drop as well. When it comes to such little access to the great outdoors, the majority of us tend to make like a bear and hibernate.

To put winter weight gain into perspective, think about this: we stop moving our bodies, begin to increase our caloric intake, and in turn gain those excess pounds. Some easy tips to avoid that are to purchase a cardio workout DVD that you can do in your living room, or consider getting a gym membership with a friend! It is also important to be sure to rearrange your schedule to keep you motivated, this can assist you to in setting some time aside in your hectic day for the sole purpose of working out.

Eat your greens

Be sure to fill up your grocery list with the best seasonal fruits and vegetables. With all the cold and flu’s that are running rampant this time of year, incorporating those much-needed vitamins and minerals that the vegetables and fruits contain are of the utmost importance. If fail to fill your body with these super-foods, you are risking not getting all the vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs, which only leads to a weakened immune system and leads you susceptible to developing illnesses this season.

Start your meals with soup

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It is of no surprise that as the cold burdens us, you may tend to feel your body craving heartier foods. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, it can be all too easy to over-indulge these high calorie foods. Be sure to start your meals with soup. The heat from the soup leaves you with the “comfort” sensation, and additionally can fill you up so that you in turn consume less than that of the heartier meal. You save yourself half the calories, while still gaining that internal warmth your body craves.

Go for a walk

Finally, make sure that you find time in your day to go outside (weather permitting). It’s amazing how a walk in the snow or even finding a quiet spot to sit and take in the crisp air can all make an ample difference in terms of how you feel emotionally, while also increasing your motivation levels. Try and incorporate some form of winter activity into your day (aim for the brightest time of the day when the sun lingers longest).

Some fun ideas are to take a walk during your lunch break, make a snowman with your kids (or friends!), anything to just get outside can work wonders for both your attitude and sense of sluggishness you may feel. If you just can’t get outdoors, open your curtains or get to a window; the sun is vitally effective in keeping us motivated and positive!

The winter may seem to last forever, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it keep you down! Beating the winter time blues, it is far easier than you assume, just remember: it all starts with positivity and determination… make it happen!


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