Ways to Help Reduce Condensation in Your Property 06.04.2016

reduce condensation

Condensation is a common problem in homes that causes serious problems, yet most homeowners do not understand that they can prevent it in an easy manner. Condensation causes mold growth which eventually damages occupants’ health especially lungs and the throat. It also destroys property including causing wallpapers to peel, and causing growth of molds on furniture, walls, textile, mirrors etc. You will need to replace or fix these items regularly, and this means a long shopping list. Fortunately, you can cut the costs down once for all, if you take measures to stop condensation permanently.

The following are some ways to reduce condensation on property.

Install a heating system and proper insulation

While heating rooms will raise your power bills, it is one of the best ways to reduce/counter condensation on your property. The cost of installing and using a heating system is nothing, when compared to the loss you will incur as a result of condensation on your property. Heat all rooms in your house, whether being used or not. You can install a central heating system, or use room heaters with a timer and temperature control, whichever is suitable for you. Keep in mind that keeping proper ventilation in every room including the basement is very important. As well remember to add insulation to trap the heat produced and keep moisture away.

Keep your home well ventilated

Keep your home well ventilated by opening windows and doors always. If you would like to keep windows and doors closed due to harsh weather or other reasons, make sure you contact an expert to add ventilations in your home that will combat condensation.

Install an extractor fan

home ventilation
Some areas in the home such as kitchen and bathroom produce a lot of moisture, and most of it cannot escape through simple ventilations. You need to install energy efficient extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom, to prevent condensation and improve humidity levels. If you fail to let out moisture in time, it will turn to condensation that will damage your property and cause health problems. Remember to consult an expert who will tell you the suitable extractor fan to include in your shopping list.

Reduce production of moisture

Reduce the amount of moisture produced in your home, because it contributes a lot to condensation. There are various ways to do this: dry your washing outside the house or in a properly ventilated place, properly sealed to prevent moisture leaking to your house; avoid use of paraffin heaters, or portable gas bottles; don’t leave kettles boiling, and while cooking cover heating equipment properly; and, use a suitable kit recommended by the manufacturer of your tumble drier, to permanently vent it to the outside of the house.


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