Top 8 Post-Workout Snacks 24.02.2016

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Whether you’re struggling to increase your muscle mass, can’t seem to meet your weight loss goals, or are otherwise hitting a plateau, the likely culprit is nutrition. Eating well after exercise is essential if you’re to gain the full benefits of your training. Here are some top post-workout snacks to try.

Peanut Butter

Peanuts are packed with good fats, great for filling you up after exercise without jeopardizing your hard work. There are several ways to use peanut butter in post-workout snacks including on rice cakes for a bread-free sandwich, smeared across apple slices, or in a protein shake with banana. If you suffer from a peanut allergy, add almond butter to your shopping list instead.

Low-Fat Yogurt

High in protein, low-fat yogurt will help your muscles recover. Make the snack more interesting by throwing in a handful of fresh berries.

Hummus on Pita

If you’re looking for a delicious source of protein that’s free from animal products, try this chickpea dip. Spread across wholewheat pita or a bagel for a carb boost.


Shake things up! Instead of mixing your protein powder with water or milk, sprinkle a cup over a bag of popcorn.

Dried Fruit

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If you have limited time in which to prepare a snack, include a bag of dried fruit and nuts on your shopping list. You can take a portion along with you to the gym in a ziplock bag, ready to eat as soon as you’ve finished training.


If you’re able to wait until you reach home to refuel, another quick option is cereal with milk. Opt of a healthy cereal made from whole grains and low in sugar.

Tuna Sandwich

At the other extreme, you may be looking for something closer to a meal after working out. You can create a nutritious sandwich with tuna and wholewheat bread or crackers. Switch mayonnaise for olive spread, lemon juice, and a touch of mustard.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are just as tasty as potatoes but have far more health benefits. Rich in vitamins A, B6, and C, calcium, magnesium, and iron, they’re low in calories and high in carbs. If you choose sweet potatoes, accompany them with a piece of lean meat to add protein to your post-workout snack.

Keep things interesting by varying the snacks you enjoy after your workout— you may even find it encourages you to hit the gym more often. Plan a few snacks in advance to make sure you add all the necessary ingredients to your shopping list.


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