Tom Yum Soup 10.11.2015

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This is a spicy soup from Thailand and has a unique flavor that will add some zest and flavor to your weeknight meals. Depending on your preference, the soup can be extremely spicy or mild.

Yields 2 servings Tom Yum Soup@photo


chili peppers, 3
cilantro, 5 sprigs
fish sauce, 2 T
kaffir lime leaves, 3
  • lemongrass, 1
  • limes, 1-2
mushrooms, 5
shrimp, 1 c
water, 4 c


  1. In a medium-sized pot, boil the water. Peel and de-vein the shrimp; reserve. Dice the lemongrass into 5-inch pieces; pound with the back of your knife to release flavor. Tie and knot lemongrass; place in pot and boil 5 minutes.
  2. Add fish sauce and juice of 1 lime to serving bowls. Crush chili pepper; add to bowls.
  3. Destem kaffir lime leaves; add leafy bits to pot. Wash and chop mushrooms; add to pot and boil. Add shrimp and remove pot from heat. Pour soup into serving bowls; garnish with cilantro and serve.
  4. To correctly eat Tom Yum Soup, take small sips, taking care not to burn yourself. Add more fish sauce and/or lime juice if desired.

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