How to Shop After Those Black Friday Sales 03.12.2015

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You have probably already noticed that there are loads of price cuts come Christmas time. These sales often start on Black Friday, right after Thanksgiving. As Christmas approaches, you might see some of these discounts get bigger and bigger. Yet, if you want to see the best sales, you need to wait until at least December 26th. That’s when those sales get really good. So if you can give a gift after Christmas, you want to shop for yourself, or you just need to stock up for next year, follow these tips.


Black Friday sales are most eagerly anticipated when it comes to electronics. From laptops and tablets to televisions and cameras, digital gadgets are hot items. Prices start going down in November, but those Christmas discounts run through December and even into the new year. If you can hold out until January or later, you have a better chance of purchasing tech that is deeply discounted. This is because electronics retailers want to clear the shelves for the newest versions of gadgets.


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Believe it or not, you should never give in to those clothing Black Friday sales. Yes, the prices are tempting, but almost half of the discounts that flood in after Christmas are for apparel. If you hold out until then, you can take advantage of those price cuts and snag Editor’s Choice-level picks, even for brand-name pieces.

Christmas Décor

Finally, you may not want to invest in some new holidays decorations right after Christmas is over, but consider this: from December 26th and onward, tons of retailers slash prices up to 75%. The thing with Christmas decorations is that you don’t need to worry about them fitting or being up-to date for 2016. You can use them then and can save big bucks!
In summary, keep in mind that while early December shows promise for red-hot sales, the prices get even better if you wait until after the holidays.

Gym Gear

Christmas discounts run the gamut of products, including fitness gear, of course. Yet it’s a good idea to wait until after the holidays, because gym equipment and accessories see huge price cuts in January. Anyway, that’s the perfect time to start a new exercise regimen! Plus, these products are already discounted for the holidays, so if you wait a bit longer, you could get those prices down even more; think 90% off!

Home Goods

If your shopping list includes some furniture, then try to wait until February. That’s when many new furniture sets emerge in stores, sparking fresh deals and prices that you’ll want to pounce on. Many furniture outlets and retailers end up shaving 40% to 75% off the original prices, with the best discounts showing up in April. Compare that to just 15% to 30% savings in December.


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