Most Popular Cheese in America: Top 5 11.09.2015

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Creating a good and healthy shopping list is something we all have in our mind, and this is why searching for the most popular cheese in America is indeed a great thing to do. Cheese is an important compound in any diet, and you do need to use it the best way you can in order to gain strength and maintain good body functions. But when it comes to actually finding the best cheese in the US, it can be a little hard to do so, and this is where we are coming in to help.


This is the most popular cheese in America with a market share of around 22%. You might already know it as one of the main ingredients in pizza, and that’s what makes it so appealing in the first place, the fact that it’s a component of pizza, a favorite food in the US. It’s also very easy to integrate it in any food, which is a major plus.


Cheddar is yet another one of the most popular cheese in America list, with a market share of around 15. It’s used mainly in hamburgers but you can also find it in the local stores as a great ingredient to integrate into your own dishes, which is a very important thing.


most popular cheese in america@photo
Parmesan is a very popular cheese in the US and the main reason behind that is that cooks usually integrate it in the prepared entrees. It’s a very good type of cheese with a great taste and interesting look, something that provides a wonderful result and a very appealing one as well.


Jack is definitely included in the list with the most popular cheese in America because not only does this have a market share of 9%, but it’s a included in most appetizers and it offers a great set of results because of that. It’s not that widely encountered as the other compounds here, and that’s what makes it so great and sought after.


The Swiss cheese is suitable mostly for sandwiches but people are mostly using it in their own way in dishes, something that makes it a great addition to the daily diet of most American persons. This is the fifth most popular cheese in America.

These 5 definitely stand out mainly because of their large popularity and consumption in the US, and if you want to get the best results you should definitely take them into account and improve your diet the right way!


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