How to Look Nice in Simple Clothes 15.03.2016

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Without intending to generalise, let’s talk about simplicity versus exaggerated elegance. Why merge elegance with such a label indicating the excesses and vulgarity, you think; because the modern world, besides the opportunity for letting you walk in fashion ways, gives you an obligation to always be “trendy.” Fashion has turned into a business, highlighting unnecessary competition of putting on the most extravagant or eccentric piece of clothing. In this ocean of fashion sharks, be the fish that will choose the simple route. Separated from the others, unintentionally and naturally, you will look beautiful.

Learn to combine the simple with your inner beauty

Try new styles, change and don’t be afraid to wear something that you are not used to. You know that the French lady is an association for simple sophistication, sense of fashion and soft conspicuousness. Look at the actresses of the twenties, thirties and the fifties, can you say that any of them look like today’s “ladies,” who are not far from the Christmas tree with their looks and styles? Probably, you can’t.

We don’t have to go way back to these years

There are women who fight the trends and choose to give chance to simple clothing. If you’re more elegant or business-like woman, take Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon shopping list for example; they have a classy and simple styles. They love to wear nice, comfortable jeans and/or pants with classic French-style suit jacket. This simplicity is often complemented by specific jewelry, high heels and purse. If you’re feeling more comfortable in wearing flats, jeans and a t-shirt with band name, cartoon character or a quote – that’s fine too, as long as you know how to wear it! Take Kate Moss as the perfect teacher on how to be free from fashion slavery!

Don’t copy other women or celebrities

simple clothes@photo

Use them as inspiration, and then find your perfect style. It’s better to make a mistake until you discover yourself in the fashion world, instead of faking your own way of expression; clothes are art material, and your style is your own artwork. Be yourself, experiment with colors, wear the things you thought you’d never wear and enjoy the process of finding yourself. Don’t exaggerate; learn to feel attractive in jeans and t-shirt, or a skirt and knitted blouse – who said that you must have deep neckline to draw attention?


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