Health Conscious: Good Diet Plans 23.07.2015

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It’s hard to know what to eat with so many healthy food choices out there. What makes good diet meals work? Is it whole foods, organic foods, wild caught or home grown? We’ve got some basic rules that fit into any good diet plans. Our rules are based on scientific studies for healthy eating habits and will help you determine what should go on your grocery shopping list.

Rule #1: Watch Those Calories

Good diet plans are flexible and takes individual caloric needs into account. Calorie intake should be based on gender, age and lifestyle. An athletic person can eat a higher calorie meal, while a more sedentary person should limit their calories. We’ve designed two good diet plans, one meal plan has 1,800 calories, the other has a 1,500 calories.

  • 1,800 Calorie Plan: This meal plan is perfect if you way 150 lbs or more.
  • 1,500 Calorie Plan: This meal plan is for anyone who weighs less than 150 lbs and wants to lose weight.

Rule #2: Plan On Eating A Lot

The important thing to remember is that good diet meals can be eaten often! By breaking up your food intake into five or six distinct meals, you will feel full.

  • 1st Meal – Breakfast is served! Your morning meal will be your biggest meal of the day. It will make up a large portion of your calories.
  • 2nd Meal – The mid morning meal will keep you alert.
  • 3rd Meal – The mid day meal will be small too.
  • 4th Meal – Only eat veggies! Tip: try raw veggies.
  • 5th Meal – The evening meal should have protein and veggies but no carbs.
  • 6th Meal – Eat a protein shake or another portion of vegetables.

Rule #3: Only Eat #6 If…

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In keeping with our good diet plans, you should only eat the 6th meal if you weigh 200 lbs or more. This will enable you to feel full through the end of your day. If you weigh less, stick to the five meal regimen.

Rule #4: Always Separate Meals

Always segment your meals so you have control over your eating habits. The first meal will have the most carbs and calories, while the second and third meals will be more snack size. The fourth and fifth meals will keep you full through the night.

Rule #5: Carbohydrates

Most good diet plans will tell you to eat carbohydrates sparingly. Bad carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta pack weight on and should be avoided. Good carbs like fruits and vegetables are necessary for a healthy diet and are encouraged in our meal plans.


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