Good Health Meal Plans From Mother Nature: Home-Made Antibiotic 22.07.2015

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Better health meal plans often include natural foods and drinks. Yet before you buy that fancy antioxidant smoothie, read about Golden Honey. This natural antibiotic is made up of two simple ingredients you can add to your shopping list – honey and turmeric.

Most of us know turmeric from Indian cuisine and mustard. It is also one of Mother Nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Combined with honey, it is a rejuvenating medicinal blend.

Golden Honey works overtime to kill bacteria, fight off harmful substances, and prevent further damage in your body. Unlike over-the-counter remedies, Golden Honey doesn’t wreak havoc on your intestinal tract like harsher artificial treatments.

What makes this blend so superb? Turmeric is packed with the polyphenol curcumin, which acts as a superstar ingredient for your overall health. Its properties run the gamut from anti-inflammation and cancer protection, to antioxidant and healthier gut bacteria.

This spice has been trusted and used for thousands of years. For example, it has long been a staple in the Indian Ayurvedic lifestyle as a natural healer. You may have heard of taking a spoonful of mustard when you have a sour stomach. That is because turmeric works at producing more helpful bacteria in your intestines and greatly ease indigestion. Paired with honey, it is a soothing concoction you can sip anywhere.

Golden Honey is a great elixir to combat cold and flu. Rather than chug some cough syrup or a generic medication, try a spoonful of Golden Honey at the first sign of an illness and you could rebound sooner. Plus, it is so easy to make!

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  • raw honey, 3.5 oz/100 g
  • turmeric, 1 T


Combine honey and turmeric in a large mason jar; stir well.


  • Day 1) Have ½ t of Golden Honey once an hour all day.
  • Day 2) Have ½ t once every 2 hours.
  • Day 3) Have ½ t 3 times throughout day.


  • for throat/lung relief, before meals
  • for digestive relief, during meals
  • for colon/kidney relief, after meals

Spoon the Golden Honey into your mouth and let it dissolve on your tongue. Take it for cough, cold, flu, and respiratory infections. Adding this concoction is ideal for great health meal plans and can also be stirred into your daily glass of milk or cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

If you have been prescribed other medications for your illness, ask your doctor about supplementing with Golden Honey. Turmeric is a natural blood thinner, lowers blood sugar, and contracts muscles in the gallbladder. Ask your doctor about taking it if you have high blood pressure, hemophilia, diabetes, or are prone to gallstones or blocked bile ducts.

If Golden Honey is safe for you, use it improve your health meal plans today!

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