Glamorously Impress and Dress for Christmas 16.12.2015

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Are you fretting about what you’ll wear for your Christmas celebrations? Maybe you have a dress, but it’s just ho-hum. Well, don’t worry! We have six stellar tips that will help you impress and dress for Christmas. And believe it or not, it doesn’t take loads of effort and money to really elevate a holiday look. With a few additions to your shopping list, you can find the accessories you need to make your look shine bright. Be sure you don’t go too crazy though; one or two of these tips will be enough to bring glam to your outfit.

Now, without further ado, here are some ways to really make a statement as you dress for Christmas and New Year’s!

Dazzling Shoes

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You know that a killer pair of shoes can really pull an ensemble together. That’s why pairing solid-colored Christmas outfits with sparkly or jeweled heels or flats is a great idea. Pumps, ballet flats, kitten heels…the possibilities are endless!

Pop Your Collar

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If you want a unique way to spice up your ensemble, go with a collar tip. These accessories can be bought ready-made or you can create your own with just some clip-on earrings. This is an interesting way to add extra bling and sparkle to your look.

Bring on the Beads

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For your collar, that is. For dresses that don’t have a defined neckline, you can use beads to create an elegant and party-ready pattern. Pearls look best, but experiment with rhinestones and gemstones, too! You can find these at craft stores; just use glue or a needle and thread to attach to the collar.

An Eye-Catching Clutch

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You need to carry around your essentials, so do it in style! Pairing your basic holiday dress with a colorful or shiny clutch is an easy way to amp up the style factor. Look for something that will go well with your dress: metallics, sparkles, and beads, are all great options.

Stick Your Neck Out

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With a statement jewelry piece, of course! You can really bring a lot of oomph to an outfit with a great necklace. What do you prefer: beads, rock jewelry, chains, or charms? There are so many ways to play with necklaces that you can have good fun mixing and matching pieces.

Hair it is

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Finally, no holiday look is complete without some attention to your hair. These days, there are hair accessories galore! Look for clip-on extensions, clips and barrettes, and jeweled pieces that will add sparkle and shine. Even a pretty flower tucked into your locks will look elegant and trendy. Hair elastics and headbands are other cute options.


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