Eating Right to Get Flat Stomach 06.05.2016

flat stomach

Getting a flat stomach is no easy task, but certainly not impossible! True, cutting calories and regular exercise are a must-do, but new research also shows that eating certain foods, and eating right goes a long way in quickening the process.

We have whittled down a list of best foods and tips to eat right that will help you in getting a flat stomach in no time. So all you need is a few items added to your shopping list and a few minor changes to your routine, and you are well on your way to a flaunt-able, flat stomach.

Drink more water

Your body retains water when it isn’t getting enough of it. So drinking sufficient water is the best way to de-bloat your stomach. You can also boost your metabolism by drinking enough water. Water will flush out the toxins in your body and at the same time reduce stomach-bloating, thereby giving you a flatter stomach and healthier insides. Add a touch of lemon or drink water in the form of herbal tea or flavored water to guzzle in maximum water throughout the day. Drinking green tea is a double win because not only will it be a delicious way to add water to your diet but green tea also increases the fat burning process in your liver.

Avoid Salty Foods

Steer clear of salty foods. Eating salty foods retains water in your body, creating the bloated effect. So keep an eye on the amount of salt you add to your food, and also make sure you read the label when you buy packaged food or ready-made meals.

Say yes to Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to pack in nutrients, stay hydrated and get a flat stomach. Add fruits like blueberries, pineapple or watermelon to your smoothie as these fruits break down protein and burn fat better.

Turn up the heat

As you already know, the capsaicin in peppers boosts metabolism and burns more fat. Depending on your spiciness scales, choose from the range of sweet peppers and jalapenos to really hot chilies to add to your food.

Start your day with eggs

food for flat stomach

Two eggs a day at breakfast are the ideal protein-packed punch. Eating eggs at breakfast will keep you fuller for longer which will help you avoid binge eating throughout the day.

Don’t forget the Yoghurt

Probiotics aid digestion, so adding a cup of yoghurt to your diet every day will flatten your stomach. Get creative and eat yoghurt with your breakfast cereal and fruits or have it alongside dinner.

Pack in the Leafy Greens

The healthy leafy greens like kale and spinach are high fiber and low calorie, which eases water retention and reduces bloating.

Fat fights fats

Salmon and other fish are high in omega3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats. These fats actually help with weight loss and fighting fat deposits. Nothing like having fats fight off fats!

Don’t forget the tomatoes

Tomatoes are potassium rich foods that are a must have in your daily diet. Potassium neutralizes the effect of sodium thereby reducing belly bloat.

Eat more often

Instead of three heavy meals, it is better to eat six smaller meals. Keep your meals two to three hours apart so they take up less space in your stomach and cause less bloating.


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