Creating a Functional Home Office 14.03.2016

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Whether you work at home (perhaps you own and ecommerce or you get clients online for your offered services), or you simply need to take some documents from the office, having a home office can really be helpful for you to improve your productivity. Do not settle on sitting on the dining area or on the kitchen counter – things can be messy and accidents may occur, such as spilling a glass of water on your precious laptop or documents. A home office where you can place all your stuff that you need can really be a great help. Prepare your shopping list with these helpful tips!


Even if you have a small space, you can pull off a functional home office if you just know how to design it well to ensure that it can provide you everything that you need – such as comfort, silence and clarity. A good location can be a side of your room where your kids (if you have) cannot bother you when you are working on something.

Comfortable chair

A good, comfortable chair is something you have to invest in, especially if you need to stay for several hours on your home office. Sitting on your dining chair can give you dreaded body pain afterwards, sacrificing your wellness to do more tasks because you will eventually demand for rest even if you still need to be up for hours.

Ample light and view

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A well-lighted room can actually improve your outlook and can keep you energized for hours. Being inside a dark room without a view can even increase the stress and fatigue that you will have to face especially if things are not working well on your work. Give yourself a view by positioning your table on the window area so that you can see something interesting, like flying birds and kites. This will also allow you to get natural light during daytime, thus, slashing some $$$ on your electric bill.

Cabinets and baskets to keep you organized

Did you know that a messy table can add stress on you? Keeping your work station organized can give you a clearer vision, helping you manage all your tasks so you won’t miss a deadline. Have a cabinet under your table and designate one where you can place your to-do list. You can also have a hanging cabinet so that your table will only have to handle your PC and all the documents that you need on work can be kept away, keeping your work station as tidy as possible.


Lighten the mood on your work station. Not because it’s intended for work, you will have to make it look professional. The design is limitless – you can have a dream board where you can place all your plans and goals so as to keep you motivated in doing all your tasks. You can also place some crafts especially those you have done; or you can basically design it by changing the color of your walls to make it more vibrant. All these methods are proven helpful and can actually change your mood especially if you are feeling demotivated or grumpy.

Remember, having a functional work station should not only mean having all the things that you need at work. You have to consider a lot of factors that will improve your productivity, and these include special stuff that will boost your interest to keep you going. We hope we have helped you plan your shopping list as you set up or revamp your home office.


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