Clothes Shopping Tips 23.02.2016

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If you find yourself using shopping as a distraction when you should be doing something else, then listen up. Rather than turn to retail therapy and deal with the consequences later (hello, maxed-out credit card) follow these simple yet efficient tips for shopping for clothes. Our strategies will keep your closet fresh, your wallet fuller, and your inner shopping diva satisfied! Is your shopping list ready?

Wear the Right Clothes

It is best to purchase your clothes from a brick-and-mortar store. Online shopping is great, but not for things you are going to be wearing! That being said, when you do venture into the mall or department store, be sure to dress for success. That means wearing sensible shoes (trainers or tennis shoes) so that your feet won’t get tired out after an hour. Yet, you should also keep a pair of heels in your bag, so that when you try on a nice pair of trousers or an LBD, you can see how it will look with a decent pair of heels.

Visit the Dressing Room – Always

We understand that trying on every little thing is a pain in the neck, but so is returning to the store when you realize that the garment does not fit you! This is why we advised you not to shop online, after all. So be sure to get into the dressing room and make sure those shirts, pants, and everything else fits you before you head to the check-out counter. Plus, it is exciting to see how the clothes truly look and feel on your body.

Buy for Needs, Not Wants

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This tip is especially useful if you are tight on cash. It is so easy to get sucked into the latest fashion trends. Yet you need to think about what you need versus what you want. Sure, it would be great to get another crop top, but if you really need a blazer for work, you might want to focus on that. Anyway, you will save money with this strategy!


This kind of piggy-backs off of the previous tip. When you see an item in the store, before you snatch it up, think about how it will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. Does it pair with anything else you already own? Can you wear this garment to a variety of places, or is it only appropriate for the club? Purchasing versatile items that can transition from day to night is the best way to go.

Save, but Also Splurge

The trick is knowing what to skimp pennies on and what to shell out money for. The basics of a wardrobe are going to stay with you for months, maybe even years. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for high-quality when it comes to certain garments. Think: decent trousers, a work blazer, a crisp white button-down, an LBD, and some neutral-tone pumps. Try to get trendier items from the bargain bin.


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