«Buy Me a Pie!» v3.0 released! 25.07.2013

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Not long ago the total number of downloads of our app grew to over 3 million and the project turned 2 years old on May 30. These two years have been full of so many interesting things and achievements: Apple made us the App of the Week in the Russian App Store, for a long period of time “Buy Me a Pie!” was the No.1 grocery list app in the world, the free version of the application took the first line of top free apps available in the App Store, and this March our team was living and working in Thailand.

Today we’re happy to announce the release of a long-awaited update, the completely new «Buy Me a Pie!» version 3.0!

Here are the core advantages of the new version:

    • Revamped design
      We’ve kept the familiar interface logic, but thoroughly recast every single detail in it, wanting to maintain the simplicity and concise nature of the app.

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    • Landscape mode support (iPad & iPhone)
      It’s much easier now to view the long products lists – just rotate your device horizontally. This feature should be especially useful for those who use “Buy Me a Pie!” on iPad.

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    • Improved cloud synchronization
      The new mechanism of synchronization makes it possible to overcome the two main problems of the old one: it resolves the conflicts that were previously unresolvable, and lets the app monitor the incoming changes, which in turn supports another important innovation: display of list changes.
    • Native iPad Retina support
      The new interface is optimized for iPad with Retina display, so now the users of tablet computers with Retina displays can enjoy the new “Buy Me a Pie!” in full.
    • Product dictionary language selection
      Though it seems quite logical for the app to work in the language selected for the device it’s used on, we’ve lately received multiple requests to add the possibility to change the product dictionary language. We’re glad to inform the users who wanted this feature that we’ve taken your requests into consideration and implemented this functionality.
    • Display of every change to your lists made on another device
      Now when someone makes changes to the list from their own device or computer, you won’t have to search the list for the newly added products. The added and modified lines are highlighted grey, and the list’s number icon turns blue.

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    • The ability to switch off Auto-Lock
      When you’re going for a long shopping trip with a huge list of products to buy, you definitely do not want to tap the blank screen every now and then to see the list again, especially with both hands full of bags. With the version 3.0 you will be able to disable the screen Auto-Lock.

The new version of the app is available in the App Store, and we recommend updating it ASAP! If you’re new to “Buy Me a Pie!” you can download version 3.0 and see how it can improve your shopping experience. You may even discover that you enjoy shopping so much that you want to send “Buy Me a Pie!” as a gift for your friends and family.

Download app at:

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