5 Top Gift Ideas for Your Partner this Valentine’s Day 11.02.2016

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Lovers eagerly wait for Valentine’s Day. It is the most perfect time of the year to exert additional effort to make your partner feel how much you value his/her presence. Although it is important to treat your partner well all year-round, you cannot deny the fact that during this day, you make it a little more extraordinary with a perfect memento by preparing a surprise that will surely be cherished. It is quite a tedious task, but with ample effort and ideas, you can surely come up with something that your partner will sincerely love and appreciate.

Handmade Cards

Etsy is a wonderful platform where you can purchase handmade cards, however, to make it more special, you can create one on your own. Additionally, write an original sweet message, about how much you love your partner and how thankful you are to God for giving you such a wonderful person to be with. Release your crafty side, here are some cards that you can do on your own.


Although chocolate is sort of overrated, it will never lose its position as one of the most popular gifts. One, it’s affordable. Second, who doesn’t love chocolate?! To add some presentation, you can place it in a box or a heart-shaped container.

Red Rose

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Your shopping list for Valentine’s Day is incomplete without including this beautiful bloom. A red rose signifies love, thus, making it a must-have gift. You don’t need to visit a flower shop and buy dozens of roses. You can pick one from your garden (or probably your mom’s), add a ribbon and place it inside a plastic container.


Okay, to be honest, this gift will not only require effort but also extra time as you have to include a lot of things that will remind you of all those “special moments” you’ve spent with your partner. If you have an entire day to work on it, do so. Prints some pictures, take out all the receipts and movie tickets that you have kept, and stick all these on the pages of your scrapbook. Add designs around each page using washi tapes and stickers, or those ready-made designs that you can purchase at a nearby craft store.

Framed Photos

Most of the photos these days can only be seen on social media accounts. Why don’t you have these printed, make a collage, put them in a frame and hang it on the wall? That way, you will always remember the days you have spent together – memories and admiration being shown on your wall is definitely a wonderful gift this Valentine’s day.

No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to express your love towards your partner. You can surely come up with something worthy to be appreciated as long as you bring out the creativity in you. Your efforts are more than enough to let your partner know that your love is pure.


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