5 Most Misleading “Healthy” Food Terms 13.05.2015

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In today’s world, the population is increasing exponentially month after month, and since everyone has to eat, the food industry has created numerous methods in order to generate more food with the same amount of raw materials. More and more chemicals are added into meat, vegetables and fruits, so we don’t really have healthy food on the market, unless we specifically look for it. Instead of a healthy meal, most of the time we will find lower priced, genetically modified processed food. The bad part about it is that in order to have a healthy family, you do need to find out about the misleading food terms that you can encounter when you go shopping, and in this article we will focus on the most important ones.


Many times, you will see the term natural on food products, and this might seem one of the best shopping tips that you can find out there. However, many of the food products you can find in stores are far from being natural, and because of that, you need to pay extra attention. Many of them are covered with pesticides, are processed or just include growth hormones, so they are far from being a healthy meal. If you are wondering how to organize a grocery list, then a very good idea is to ensure that the products you and your family are going to eat are indeed natural. The last thing you want is to eat something that’s processed or which includes unhealthy substances, because, in time, this can lead to some very bad consequences.


This particular term is quite popular right now because such food does not include pesticides and other stuff, yet despite the term there are still numerous ingredients that are not organic. So, even if it might seem like a good idea to insert organic food into your healthy shopping list, you do need to take such a thing with a grain of salt. Even the organic meat is not that good, considering that many chickens are drugged in order to grow faster. So even if it might sound very appealing, the reality is that organic ingredients might not always be the healthy food you always wanted.


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We all like sweets, and even though they might not be included in numerous healthy tips, the reality is that sugar might be helpful for our body, as it includes some vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, most of the sugar you can find right now on the market is artificial and it actually hurts the body instead of helping it. In fact, if you have a grocery list for healthy eating, sugar shouldn’t be on it most of the time, and that’s something you have to take into account right from the start. Everything that’s artificial, including sugar, isn’t good at all for our body! So, focus on avoiding any artificial sugar and instead follow our grocery shopping tips in order to get healthier sugar that will help you stay fit and healthy for a very long time.


Although condiments and spices as a whole have been produced for a very long time in a natural manner, the higher demand has lead manufacturers to create them using chemical methods. In fact, most of the spices we can find right now on the market are not real spices. The spices you can find right now should not be added to the shopping tips, mainly because they can include contaminants and not to mention that they can be stable, since they can sit up in a warehouse for a very long time, something that also causes them to lose the few good properties they might have included in them. As you can see, a very good idea in this regard is to make sure that you purchase only natural spices from reputable manufacturers that will help you create a healthy shopping list for you and your family. Yes, if used properly, spices and all the other types of food here can lead to having a healthy family which is great.

Low fat or fat free

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the food labeled as fat free or low fat is low on fat, because it isn’t. Instead, what you get are many types of harmful chemicals that will directly affect your health. These terms are just marketing gimmicks to make you purchase something that’s marketed as healthy food, even though it’s not. This type of food is actually the one that’s causing weight gain, especially when combined with other similar products. At the same time, these also drive up things such as sugar levels and they just are harmful from top to bottom. You should try and read the labels if you encounter such food, because most of the time it’s not like it seems!

In conclusion, a good grocery list for healthy eating shouldn’t include items with these labels, because most of the time these are just marketing gimmicks created to make customers purchase products, not something that will help us. Just try to get food from natural sources or, if possible, create your own, and try to follow our grocery shopping tips if you want to make sure that you get only the high quality products. Don’t hesitate and follow these ideas to obtain extraordinary results!


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