4 Christmas Party Games 21.12.2015

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We’ve all been to those dull and boring Christmas parties. You know, the ones where everyone is just standing around or hovering near the food. Well, infuse some fun and excitement into your next holiday shindig! Even if your guests don’t yet know each other, an ice-breaker with a competitive edge will bring your Christmas party up a few notches. Who knows? New friendships might even be formed! Check out our recommendations for some great Christmas party games.

For the Kids: Fill Up Your Stocking

This is a Christmas twist on the egg and spoon relay race. Plus, the children can score loads of yummy candy. To start, form two teams, four children on each team (you can adjust the teams depending on how many children you have at the party.) Each team has a Christmas stocking that you put at the far end of the room or area. Then, one child from each team runs to the stocking with a spoonful of candy, drops it in the stocking, then runs back to their team. The children will repeat this process for each child until their stocking is filled up; first one wins! To ensure everyone feels like a winner, add some consolation prizes for each player to your Christmas shopping list.

For the Adults: 2 Truths and a Lie (Xmas Version)

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This is a classic game for parties, and it’s also a good ice-breaker. To put a holiday spin on things, have each person come up with 2 true Christmas gifts they’ve received in the past, and 1 gift that is a total lie. The other players have to guess which gift is the lie!

For the Family: Belly Limbo

Everyone knows the limbo, so you can include the whole family in this one. For the limbo stick, use some tinsel, garland, or holiday string lights. Then, have each player wear a “Santa belly” to make the limbo even more fun. You can use a belt and some pillows to create a pooch on your tummy. Put on some holiday tunes and get ready for some belly laughs!

For a Large Party: Winking Murderer

Have one player be the detective. Everyone else will sit in a circle while the detective waits in another room. Choose someone in the circle to be the murderer. The detective will then come back into the room. The murderer will wink at someone in the circle, and that person will let out a dramatic scream and “die.” The murderer will continue to do this to other people, and the detective gets 3 chances to guess who the murderer is. It might be a bit creepy, but it’s a nice twist to the party and gets really fun with a large group of guests!


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