12 Budget-Friendly Cosmetics Tips 18.01.2016

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Stellar cosmetics and toiletries don’t have to break the bank. Try these 12 tips to save money on those pretty products!

1) Choose Lower Price Ranges

Don’t let those pesky ads fool you; you don’t need to purchase the high-end products all the time. If your shopping list often includes the more expensive cosmetics, then try moving down to a lower price range. You may find them to to be just as effective as the pricier ones!

2) One Package, One Family

This one’s a no-brainer. Choose just one brand or package and have the whole family use it. That way, you ensure that the entire bottle or container gets used. You and your family members can take turns choosing the brand!

3) Buy in Bulk

You may already purchase groceries in bulk, so why not do the same with your shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries? The savings will come pouring in! Just be sure to do some research beforehand, since some retailers jack up prices for larger quantities.

4) Cut Coupons

Be a savvy shopper and peruse the coupons in your daily newspaper or online to reap the most savings. Then, increase your savings even more by using those coupons during sales. At those lower prices, you can afford to stock up for the long run!

5) Snag Samples

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Department stores often have free samples available to potential customers. Take full advantage by stockpiling these deodorants, toothpastes, and other toiletries. If you like the trial sizes, you may purchase the same brand in the future.

6) Cut Your Consuming

Less is more, especially when it comes to cosmetics and essentials. Squeeze out a smaller amount of toothpaste, use less lipstick, and see how much you can save!

7) Use it or Lose it

Be honest; how many half-used bottles of lipstick or perfume do you have lying around the house? Challenge yourself to use ALL of the products before you toss them. Get the most bang for your buck while keeping drawers and cabinets neat and tidy.

8) Make Substitutions

Anti-dandruff shampoo is pricy, so make your own at home! Just rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar or malted vinegar. Another hint: baking soda can be used to wash hair and teeth.

9) Shop Outside the Box

Did you know there are loads of savings in non-traditional spots? Try perusing the shelves at dollar stores, pop-up markets, wholesale retailers, and even online.

10) Get Gifting

If you really want that name-brand item, try asking for it on a holiday or your birthday. Some stores even have similar perks for members.

11) Choose Double Threats

Nowadays there are products that serve double-duty, such as 2-in-1 shampoos and lipstick blushers.

12) Question Your Motives

Are you purchasing makeup to impress someone, because it makes you feel good, or to work it in the office? If you’re only motive is retail therapy, try breaking this habit.


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