Steak and Cheese Burrito 22.03.2016

Steak and Cheese Burrito
Get a complete meal in a rolled-up package with these steak and cheese burritos. They are chock-full of ingredients that are quick and simple so you barely have to do any prep!
  1. fresh salsa ½ c
  2. water ½ c
  3. instant brown rice ¼ c
  4. black beans (rinsed) 1 (15-ounce) can
  5. strip steak (trimmed and sliced) 12 ounces
  6. black pepper ¼ t
  7. canola oil 1 T
  8. 8-inch tortillas 4
  9. Sharp Cheddar cheese (shredded) ½ c
  10. guacamole ¼ c
  11. fresh cilantro 2 T
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  1. In a small pot, bring the salsa and water to a boil. Add the rice, cover, and simmer for 5 minutes.
  2. Uncover the pot, add the beans, and cook until the rice absorbs the liquid and becomes fluffy (about 5 more minutes.) Be sure to stir occasionally while cooking.
  3. Season the strip steak with black pepper and cook it in an oiled skillet for about 3 to 5 minutes so that it is brown and cooked.
  4. Lay the 4 tortillas down flat and divide the steak, shredded cheese, rice, and guacamole between them. Garnish each one with some cilantro. Roll them up like a burrito and serve.
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