Staying Active During College 22.03.2016

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It is not always easy to find the time to exercise when you are in college. Between cramming for exams, working on projects, and trying to have a social life, your physical health can really take a hit. Not to worry, because we have some helpful hints for staying active during college. What’s more, you don’t need to have fancy technology and equipment, nor spend your weekends in the gym.

Get a Workout Buddy

Whether it is your roommate or a your best college friend, having a workout buddy has been proven to help people see greater success. Being held accountable to another person also gives you the extra motivation you need to exercise on a regular basis. Plus, you two can challenge each other to push the limits and create new goals. The more the merrier, so try to get your other friends involved in living a more active lifestyle as well!

Do Exercises in Your Dorm

Believe it or not, there are plenty of exercises that can be done in a small space like a dorm room. YouTube and Pinterest are brimming with easy-to-follow workout videos, tutorials, and tips for making the most of your spare time and sparse space. Exercises like yoga and pilates do not require huge amounts of floor space or long shopping list of equipment, and doing simple stretches and weight-bearing exercises are other great options. Hey, even lifting a pile of books can work your arms!

Take Advantage of a Free Gym

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Hello! Most universities and colleges have an on-campus gym, and students are allowed to exercise there whenever they want. Tuition covers the cost of gym membership, so you can hit the treadmill, elliptical, and weight machines all you want. Moreover, many gyms offer group fitness classes, so try mixing it up! Maybe one day you try a kickboxing class and the next day you take a spinning class.

Try Intramural Sports

You may not be a natural-born athlete, and that’s okay! Still, participating in intramural sports is a great way to be active, find a new hobby, and meet new people on campus. Perhaps you would love playing Ultimate Frisbee every weekend, or joining the intramural squash team. Depending on your college, there could be loads of opportunities to get out there, make friends, and get your verb on!

Walk or Bike to Class

If you attend a college with an urban campus, then try biking or walking to school. Shuttle buses and cars are great, but if you can, taking a stroll between classes can be a nice way to energize yourself and get some fresh air. If your college campus is small, then maybe you have a few minutes to spare between classes and you can fit in a short walk!


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