Natural Ways to Keep Awake 01.04.2016

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You are so tired but you need to stay awake in order for you to finish that dreadful work that is due tomorrow. You know the remaining hours are not enough – it’s a lot of work, you cannot fall asleep! Unfortunately, caffeine and energy drinks are not good for you. Your heart usually palpitates after drinking a can or two. What will you do?

You can resort to a lot of natural ways in order for you to keep your mind working well without drinking coffee, Red Bull or any energy. Here are some tips to keep you going.

Stretch, Walk and Move Around

A 10-minute walk can keep you awake for 2 hours or so, simply because the activity will require your body to pump oxygen, that will help activate your brain, veins and muscles. If you are at home or if you have a limited space, do some yoga-like stretches to help your body relax a little bit without really making you dizzy afterwards. Did you know that stretching can even help you fight depression and anxiety those due tasks could bring you?


how to stay awake@photo

Grab your phone and watch funny videos on YouTube. Laughing is an effective method to boost your energy level and a proven stress-buster. You can efficiently acquire your focus back once you have been pumped with energy by watching those mind-whacking pranks from ViralBrothers and Pegadinhas.

Eye Exercise

If you think your eyelids cannot keep up on you, doing some eye exercises will help you keep your focus back. Look up and down, rotate your eyeballs clockwise and counterclockwise, blink several times – do all these for five times.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Your body consumes a lot of energy when you’re up. Also, low blood sugar level can result to mental fogginess. To keep your body fueled, you need to eat healthy snacks whole working on your project, add these on your shopping list:

  • one boiled egg and a handful of nuts
  • whole wheat bread with peanut butter
  • yoghurt

Remember, go for natural activities and meals to keep your body active, instead of taking something that will take a toll on your overall well-being in the long run. These natural ways that will keep you up for a few more hours are proven effective and safe, and can also help you battle stress and fatigue that the task can impose on your body. Don’t fret, you will be fine. Good luck on your project and we hope we have helped you.


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