Mango Lassi: Refreshing Indian Yogurt Drink 10.06.2016

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Mango Lassi is a real treat in the summers – its taste, its vibrant colour and its cooling properties are sure to delight you!
It is an extremely refreshing drink that beats the summer heat while being packed with health and nutrition. This cooling drink is utterly delicious; infused with mangoes, subtly spiced, and with a rich creamy texture. It is a very popular drink in the Indian subcontinent and can be had standalone on a warm, sunny afternoon while it can also be a great accompaniment to spicy food.

The best news of it all is that you don’t have to run to the nearest restaurant to get your heart’s fill of this delicious blend. It is extremely simple to make and requires very few ingredients. So read on and follow this recipe to make traditional Mango Lassi (yogurt drink) all by yourself.
The colour and taste of the drink depend heavily on the variety of mangoes used, so make sure you add the best ones to your grocery list! There is also a savoury (using salt instead of sugar) version of this recipe, but today we will focus on make sweet Mango Lassi.

Mango Lassi
Treat yourself to mango lassi this summer, and also serve with pride when you have guests over. This recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and your guests will keep coming back for seconds! Try it and if you like it, don't forget to drop in a comment!
  1. Mangoes (sliced) 3-4
  2. Chilled fresh yogurt (full fat) 1 ½ cups
  3. Fresh cream (optional) 3 tbsp
  4. Cardamom powder ½ tsp
  5. Sugar or honey 2-3 tbsp.
  6. Rose water (optional) 2 tsp
  7. Ice cubes 5-6
  8. Mint leaves or a slice of mango for garnish
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  1. Blend chopped mangoes and sugar or honey in a blender until smooth.
  2. Add cardamom powder and rose water or saffron, the chilled yogurt, fresh cream and some ice cubes and blend again until the yogurt becomes smooth and incorporates well with the mango puree.
  3. If you want a slightly thin consistency add some milk and blend again.
  4. Pour into 4 tall glasses and chill in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Mango lassi always tastes better when chilled.
  5. Right before serving garnish with a few mint leaves or a neatly cut slice of mango. Get creative! You can also sprinkle some cardamom powder in each glass at this point.
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