Kitchen Organizing Tips 31.03.2016

kitchen organizing tips

If venturing into your kitchen is more stressful than fun, you need these kitchen organizing tips. From making the most of cabinets and shelves, to grouping the right products together, you can have greater peace of mind.

Go For a Spin

Use kitchen hacks such as a lazy Susan, which can greatly reduce your aggravation from stretching way into the back of your cabinets. Your pantry will stay in tip-top shape with the help of this rotating shelving unit. Now you don’t have to worry about spotting food months or even years after its expiration date, and no more buying duplicates off your shopping list. We like to use our lazy Susan to store canned vegetables and fruit, soup, pasta sauces, and packages of stock.

Store Like with Like

By this we mean that you should keep things organized according to category. This saves so much time and hassle when you are prepping and cooking. For instance, the items and foods that you access day in and day out should be stored towards the front of your cabinets or on lower-level shelves so that they are within easy reach. Reserve harder-to-access places for things like baking equipment and supplies, as well as heftier items, such as food processors and griddles. Have a cabinet dedicated to tupperware, another for dishes and cups, and another for pantry staples (rice, olive oil, etc.)

Hang ‘Em High

how to organize kitchen
Too often, people do not pay attention to the vertical space in their home, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Sure, you have your shelves and cabinets to keep things in, but you can also make use of hanging racks just about everywhere. Try dangling your dish and hand towels as well as cooking utensils (whisks, spatulas, etc.) from kitchen racks. Even cookware, such as mugs and pots, can be hung from the bottoms of shelves or on the sides of cabinets.

Create Kitchen Stations

This will depend on the size and layout of your kitchen, but if you can, try this tip. It really does help to designate different areas of your kitchen and have spaces such as a cooking station, prepping station, eating station, and cleaning station. That way, when multiple people are in the room, they will not bump into each other. This also decreases the chances of injury or misplacing certain objects. Everything will have its place!

Stylize Your Shelving

There are loads of awesome kitchen products out there that can help with organizing and keeping things streamlined. One example would be shelf bins, which you can use to store like items and foods together. There is a variety of shelf organizers and bins available in home goods stores. Some organizers clip onto the inside of the cabinet door; others slide in and out of the cabinet; and others can be stacked one on top of the other. Not only does this reduce the amount of space your kitchen items take up; it is fun too!


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