Do-It-Yourself Air Fresheners 14.01.2016

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Want to add more freshness to your living space? You can do so with simple ingredients and items that are probably already in your home or on your shopping list! No need to shell out big bucks for expensive equipment. Just whip up one or more of our DIY air fresheners today! You’ll enjoy the scent and the savings.

Orange Peel Deodorizer

Yes, you can make your very own air freshener with a citrusy touch! Just grab an orange, divide in lengthwise in half, scoop out the pulp, and fill that hollow center with salt. The salt allows the citrus scent to escape the orange and fill your room with vibrancy.

Do-It-Yourself Dehumidifier

If your attic, basement, or other rooms are starting to smell like moth balls, then make your own dehumidifier. Just use an empty coffee can, fill it with grilling charcoal, place the lid on top, and poke some holes in the lid. This is a small and compact homemade device that you can place in those musty and damp areas of your home. The charcoal helps to suck those nasty smells out! Just be sure to switch out the charcoal monthly, and if you don’t have charcoal, just use crushed chalk!

Pretty Petal Air Freshener

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This is a win-win because who doesn’t love flowers? Extend the life of your fresh bouquet by placing petals in a small mason jar with some kosher salt. Roses, lavender, and honeysuckle work best because they are woody and pulpy. The combination of the fresh flower petals and the salt helps to waft the scent throughout the room. Seal the jar to preserve the scent while you’re away.

Make the Old New Again

We all have old perfume bottles lying around the house. Put them to use by spraying them around your home (this also works with vanilla extract.) Spraying it near lightbulbs is a fun trick to “turn on” some freshness! Once the perfume runs out, save the bottles and use them to hold aromatherapy or incense sticks.

Freshen Up with Fabric Softeners

Those dryer sheets make your clothes smell fantastic, so why not use them in your entire home? Hide them in shoes, under your bed, or in the car to liven up any space. You can even tape one end to the air con or heating vents to get the freshness flowing all year long!

Rock the Reed Diffusers

You could buy an overpriced reed diffuser in the stores, or you could make your own! Just use a small vase or jar and fill it with a packet of diffuser reeds (these are usually packaged as “refills” for store-bought diffusers.) Combine a ¼ cup of mineral oil with 2 tablespoons of vodka and stir thoroughly. Add your favorite essential oil (such as lavender,) and add the mixture to the vase, along with 5 reeds. Flip the reeds every couple of days for a crafty and cost-effective diffuser!


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