Calligraphy – the New Soothing Hobby 28.03.2016

calligraphy tips
We must admit, with the continuous advancements that have been going through in the technology, sending letters can be done through email, notes through texts and data through various editors. We now miss the chance of writing down all these using our hand. At times, people even think, “Why should we waste time on handwriting when there are amazing laptops that can help us send out the message instantly?”. Well, although there is a handful of benefits computers, laptops and smartphones have provided these days, isn’t it scary that the art of handwriting is slowly withering?

Thank God for skilled and talented calligraphy enthusiasts! If you check out Instagram and Pinterest, you would probably see a lot of people’s breathtakingly beautiful handwriting. Yes, these were not printed – they manually did the strokes to come up with amazing letters.

With all these amazing pen strokes, you’ve probably got interested to try it on your own. Well, if you can find artists nearby, you can join their actual tutorials so you may be able to see the actual strokes, including how you should correctly hold the pen to help you achieve the swirls. Moreover, there are also a lot of online tutorials, like on YouTube, where artists share tips and tricks, like what type of pen will work best on a particular font.

Planning your shopping list so you can begin learning calligraphy? There are several types of pens, but the most popular ones are brush, fountain, felt tip, marker and dip pens. Your choice of pen will depend on your skills.

If you are a beginner, a cartridge or fountain pen is ideal as it will oblige you to follow the proper techniques while still acquiring the flexibility to try out other strokes. If you have a strict budget, a marker is ideal – affordable without requiring you to purchase more parts. If you plan to try it out, go for a brush pen as it will allow you to be more artistic with the swirls. However, you have to take note that it can be the most challenging as there are a lot of things that are needed to be considered, such as the pressure and the strokes so as to achieve the font efficiently.

Carefully plan your shopping list so that you won’t have to spend a lot of money as you have purchased the wrong calligraphy tools suitable to your preferences and skills.


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