Beautiful Types of Braids 21.04.2016

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Braids will always be in vogue. They are adaptable to any type of hair. Whether you have long hair like a princess or you are a brave girl with a short haircut, you can always make a braid and decorate your hair. With this article, we’ll encourage you to make a daily change of your look and to inspire to learn how to make different braids.

Basic or traditional braid

Wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer or naturally (if you have a mischievous hair, use softener and don’t overdo the brushing). With dry hair, you’ll give the braid a nice, messy look. Separate your hair in three equal sections. Grab the left and the right section with your left and right hand, and let the middle part hang. Start making the braid by crossing the left section over the middle section (in this way, the left tuft becomes the middle tuft). Keep making the braid by crossing the right section over the new middle section. Keep covering “every new middle section” with the following tuft of hair. When you finish the braiding, secure the end of the braid with a hair elastic. You can leave a longer piece of un-braided hair and make a small lock or use a decorating piece of satin to cover the ordinary hair elastic.

Five-Strand Braid

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Comb your hair and separate in five even parts and remember them as part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Take two of the hair tufts in your left hands and two in your right without letting them to tangle up, and leave the middle to hang freely. Start braiding by moving the left (1) tuft over the second (2) and putting it under the third (3). Take the right (5) strand to the center, put it over the strand number 4 and under the strand 1. Keep on braiding until you get a perfect five-strand braid. Fasten the end of the braid with a beautiful hair tier.

Short Hair Braid

You don’t need to worry if you chose to wear this brave hairstyle. There is an easy way to make a cute braid with your shortened hair, too. To successfully complete the wanted style, you can use home materials or you can write down a short, creative shopping list and buy some accessories.
Choose a side and braid that part of your hair in a five-strand (number 2 type of braid). To make it unique, you can add pieces of satin or lace in two or three of the strands. Separate your hair in five strands, add the hair decorations and secure them with thin rubber ties, then braid your hair. Leave the other side of your hair free, or gather it with simple hair clips.


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